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A history of innovation in health care

At Mölnlycke Health Care we have a long history of developing solutions that increase hospital efficiency, protect both patients and health care professionals against surgical infections, and offer effective wound healing.

The Mölnlycke brand name comes from the town of Mölnlycke, not far from Gothenburg in Sweden, where the company was founded in as a textile manufacturer 1849.

1940s Mesorb, a new wound dressing principle, is introduced  
1960s OP-Plast, a surgical drape material increasing hospital efficiency and protection against surgical infections, is invented 
1975  Mölnlycke is acquired by SCA 
1985  The work to develop a soft silicone based wound dressing adhesive, Safetac®, begins 
1990  Mepitel®, the first wound treatment product with Safetac technology, is launched 
1997  Mölnlycke  Health Care is established as an independent company 
1999  ProcedurePak®, a hospital efficiency product concept, is launched 
2001  Mölnlycke acquires the single-use surgical product line from Johnson & Johnson 
2005  Mölnlycke is acquired by Apax Partners and merged with Regent Medical and Medlock Medical who had a few world-firsts of their own:

•Tubular bandage in 1961
•Disposable surgical glove in 1961
•HiBi surgical scrub in the 1970s
•Biogel, a powder-free glove, in 1983
•Puncture indication glove in the 1990s

2006  Xelma®, a wound treatment for hard-to-heal wounds, is launched 
2007  Mepilex® Ag, the first silver wound dressing with Safetac technology, is launched Mölnlycke is acquired by Investor AB and Morgan Stanley Principal Investments
2008  Mölnlycke acquires Pharmaset, a leading French manufacturer of single-use kits for surgical interventions 
2009  Mölnlycke acquires JKT, a leading Polish provider of single-use hospital clothing and surgical supplies 

  • Avance™, a negative pressure wound treatment, is launched
  • Mölnlycke acquires Rynel, a developer and manufacturer of specialty hydrophilic polyurethane foam products in the US
  • Investor AB acquires Morgan Stanley Principal Investments' stake in Mölnlycke and becomes a 96% owner in the company 

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