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Mölnlycke innovation

At Mölnlycke Health Care, innovation is part of our DNA.

It helps us to deliver better care to patients by offering new and distinctive products that evolve to suit their needs, while maintaining the highest ethical and compliance standards.

For example:

  • Our wound care dressings with Safetac® (our unique adhesive technology that doesn't stick to wounds), reduce pain during dressing changes for millions of patients a year.
  • And BARRIER® EasyWarm®, our active self-warming blanket, is a simple yet effective solution for reducing risks associated with hypothermia in surgery patients.

From a business perspective, it is a catalyst for growth because it drives expansion,
profitability and success, which means we can invest back into the business, and help even more patients.

Wherever and whatever our employees are doing, we know we can rely on them to
be innovative in every aspect of their work.

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Do you have a solution that could improve patient care or operating room efficiency? Could your idea, product or business proposal change the face of healthcare? Then we want to hear from you....

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