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Patient warming

Patient warming

Effective, continuous patient warming helps managing the risk of hypothermia. It reduces surgical site infections and other complications, patient anxiety and recovery times. This means higher throughput of patients and saved resources. More about this challenge…

Our solution(s): Risk and consequences of hypothermia

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Radiotherapy-induced skin damage

Half of all patients with cancer will undergo radiotherapy as a part of their treatment. About 90 percent of these patients suffer skin reactions, from erythema to moist desquamation. Until very recently there has been no standard treatment available More about this challenge…

Our solution(s): Radiotherapy induced skin reactions , Mepilex Lite - Clinically proven to work , Dr. Patries Herst - Dressing for radiation-induced skin reactions and Intra-patient controlled trial

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Solution for burns

Burns are preventable. Despite this, they are a global public health issue that occur mainly in the home and work environments. In 2004, nearly 11 million people were burned severely enough to require medical attention. More about this challenge…

Our solution(s): Cost effectiveness with Mepilex Ag , Fixation with Mepitel One and Mepitel in paediatric burns

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Venous leg ulcers – Prevention and treatment

Leg ulcers are a major health and healthcare problem, affecting people throughout the world. Venous leg ulcers could account for 80 percent of all leg ulcers. Also they pose a significant financial burden on healthcare resources. More about this challenge…

Our solution(s): Quality of life issues for venous leg ulcer patients , What is a Venous Leg Ulcer , Pain and Infection and Causes of a venous leg ulcer

Introduction to post-operative blistering

Introduction to post-operative blistering

Mölnlycke Health Care recognises the challenges faced by healthcare practitioners in treating and preventing post-operative blisters. The information contained within this post-operative blister section is designed to help you develop your knowledge More about this challenge…

Our solution(s): Preventing post operative blistering , Demands on a surgical dressing , Preventing SSIs , Supporting patient mobility and Managing costs

Infection prevention

Infection prevention

More than 1.4 million people at any given time suffer from healthcare associated infections (HCAIs), and the costs – in unnecessary patient suffering and economic terms – are vast. More about this challenge…

Our solution(s): Cost and risk of microbial contamination , How to fight infections , Puncture indication system and BARRIER surgical masks fulfil EU standards